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    Fahrenheit 451: The Society

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    The following book presents a look at a society in a "bleak, dystopian future." What, according to Bradbury, has gone wrong with this society? In what ways is this society like our own?

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    In this book, according to the author, society has been dominated by the media, over-population and censorship. It is a society where intelligence and individuality are disregarded while the TV has become a replacement for the "common perception of the family" and stands as a reflection of the present. Furthermore, there is no acknowledgement of the past within this society and books are branded as evil due to their ...

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    This solution discusses the book "Fahrenheit 451." It discusses what Bradbury discusses what has gone wrong with the society in the book and how the fictional society is similar to our own. The explanation is given in 238 words and references are included in the solution.