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    change initiatives that work

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    Literature Review: Strategy implementation

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    Literature Review: Strategy implementation
    The ? Implementation Planning-converting the solution into implemented practice

    Planning means ensuring that change management initiatives are successful. In other words, ensuring that the objectives of change are realized. It is essential that the initiatives of change management succeed n achieving their expected results. If change management is undertaken but is not properly planned then the objectives of change will not be realized. The reading gives the example of proper budgeting. A change that is not properly budgeted is bound to fail. The implementation planning includes self assessment, a review of customers and products, and rigorous analysis of the value, risk and investment associated with the change program. Consider this, a company decides to reduce the levels of management and creates a team based structure. However, the cost of training and development is high and is not properly budgeted. The effect will be that teams will be formed and will be compelled to work in their geographic area but the sales revenues will stagnate and increased costs may lead to decline in profits. This simply means that the strategic objectives of the firm are not realized (Grünig.R, 2010), . Similarly, if proper self-assessment is not carried out the results will not enable the realization of strategic objectives. Consider the example where the information technology function is weak, yet there is a change implemented from a functional structure to a geographical team based structure. What will the effect be? Each team may be mechanically allotted a person from the IT function. The person in one team may be highly specialized in say software development but may not know anything about hardware and this can lead to disruptions. Similarly, another person placed in a ...

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