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    Luca Clinic's last dividend was $1.50

    Luca Clinic's last dividend was $1.50. Its current equilibrium stock price is $15.75, and its expected growth rate is a constant 5 %. If the stockholders' required rate of return is 15%, what is the expected dividend yield and expected capital gains yield for the coming year?

    Values of Bonds: Knapp Bros

    A 30-year, $1,000 par value bond has a 9.5% annual payment coupon. The bond currently sells for $875,. If the yield to maturity remains at its current rate, what will the price be 9 years from now? Please see attached for additional question.

    Inventory calculations

    Jefferson Company had the following sales and purchases during 2011, it first year of business: January 5 - Purchased 40 units at $100 each February 15 - Sold 15 units at $150 each April 10 - Sold 10 units at $150 each June 30 - Purchased 30 units at $105 each August 15 - Sold 25 units at $150 each

    Dealing With Financials - The Bonnie and Clyde Company

    At year end, Bonnie Company has accounts receivable of $112,000. The allowance for uncollectible accounts has a balance prior to adjustment of $(400). In other words, there were fewer specific write-offs than estimated, leaving an excess in the allowance account. Net credit sales for the year were $315,000 and 3% is estimated

    Board Member Qualifications

    Do you think that a charismatic person with a successful track record in attracting sizeable charitable donations should become a Board Member despite having basic financial accounting experience or knowledge? Please explain.

    Special order-GS tiger covers

    GS is currently making 500 tiger covers a week at a per unit cost of 3.50 euros which includes both variable costs and allocated fixed cost. GS sell the tiger covers to distributors for 4.25 euros. A distributors in japan wants to purchase 100 tiger covers per week from GS. GS 2 euros per head cover. GS the capability to produc

    Revenue and Cost Problem

    Given the following linear revenue function and quadratic cost function for a business firm, calculate the break - even quantity, total revenue, total cost and profit at break even level of production. Total Revenue R= f(q)=30 q Total Cost C= 100+5q+q^2 Find the first derivative using the limits formul


    The JG Investment Bank is about to issue a new series of 10 year bonds. The bonds will have a $1,000 face value and will be rated AA by a respected Bond Rating Agency. Currently the yield to maturity on AA rated bonds is 200 basis points above the yield on similar maturity government bonds. The bonds will make annual coupon pa

    Statistics - Measuring Quality

    I am trying to determine what to use in measuring the quality characteristics of my PC and Laptop business and also how often I should conduct a statistical analysis.

    Business Math: Loan for a Laptop

    To buy a laptop, Susan receives a $2200 loan at a 5.2% annual interest rate on January 10. The loan is due May 15. The year is not a leap year. Round the answers to the nearest cent (nearest hundredth).

    Computing the Empirical Probability

    I need you help with the following: This spinner is spun 36 times. The spinner landed on A 6 times, on B 21 times, and on C 9 times. Compute the empirical probability that the spinner will land on B.

    Quantitative analysis: Assignment problem

    A certain firm has three different operations that must be assigned to four locations. The profit (in thousands of dollars) associated with each operation at each location is presented below. The firm's vice president would like to assign the various operations so that the total profit is maximized. Find the appropriate assignme

    Financial Statements

    Part I. Discuss the terms listed below in detail by expanding on the definition as given and explaining in depth why these concepts are important to financial statements. - Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (US GAAP); - International Accounting Standards (IFRS); - Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); - Annu

    Identifying the Probability of Insolvency

    Draw a graph of an insurer's probability distribution for total claim costs, assuming that it has expected claim costs of $500 million. Identify the probability of insolvency if the insurer has assets equal to $750 million. Please use a Bell Curve. You are supposed to produce a bell shaped curve, depicting the probability

    Operations Management: Purchase vs Make Case Study

    Hurst Corporation CASE STUDY Mike Mathers was purchasing manager for the mid-west division of the Hurst Corporation. Shortly before his company was to install an exhaust system in a new construction project, Mike was asked to compare fabricating the pipe with purchasing the pipe from an outside source. Hurst Corporation,

    Probability Basics: Expected Revenue

    A firm is negotiating with a local club to supply materials for a party. The firm´s manager expects to sell 100 large bags of pretzels fot $3 each or 300 for $2 each; these two outcomes are judged to be equally likely. The expected number of bags sold is 200 = (100+300)/2, and expected price is $2,5 = ($3+$2)/2. The manger then

    Random variable and statistical test

    Assume that in healthy American men the level of hemoglobin is normally distributed with mean ?=14 and standard deviation ?=1.1. a. What is the probability that a healthy man chosen at random will have a hemoglobin of (i) exactly 14, (ii) between 14 and 15, or (iii) over 16. b. A laboratory wants to check the accuracy of its h

    Scenario Analysis

    The management of Greensboro Products has been evaluating the risk of the cash flows associated with a proposed new project. The expected net cash flow for year 1 is $50,000. The most optimistic estimate (not expected to be exceeded more than 10 percent of the time) of the year 1 net cash flow is $110,000, and the most pessimi

    Euclidean Domains and PIDS

    Please help with the following problem. Show that the ring Z[i] = Z[x] / (x^2 + 1) is a Euclidean Domain, under N(n+mi) = n^2 + m^2. Then, conclude that Z[i] is a Principal Ideal Domain.

    Efficient Markets Hypothesis

    Please help with the following problem. The Efficient Markets Hypothesis holds that markets do not react to news or announcements because by the time the information is disseminated, it has already been anticipated. Accordingly, earnings announcements should not move stock prices because the company's performance has already

    Business Math

    If you want to save $25,000 for a down payment on a house and you have ten years to save this amount, how much would you need to save monthly to achieve this goal if the interest rate is 5% compounded monthly? What happens if you can increase your interest rate to 8%? Come up with your own example of compound interest different

    how to find out gross profit, percent mark up and net profit

    Michael, Corey, and Jessica received an SBA loan to start a business. They operated the business for twelve months without agreement on the formal or legal form of ownership and structure. However, they all worked together and contributed equally to the operations. The business makes and sells Aggie Pride Hug Pillows. Read t

    A stock is trading at $80

    A stock is trading at $80. The stock is expected to have a year-end dividend of $4 per share (D1=$4), is expected to grow at some constant rate g throughout time. The stocks required rate of return is 14%. If markets are efficient, what is the forcast of g?

    Business Math: Applying Probability

    What are situations in the business world or real life where one would need to calculate or estimate probabilities? From a business perspective, which measurement is more important: the mode, mean, or median?