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    Accounting: The Jefferson Company

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    Jefferson Company had the following sales and purchases during 2011, it first year of business:

    January 5
    - Purchased 40 units at $100 each

    February 15
    - Sold 15 units at $150 each

    April 10
    - Sold 10 units at $150 each

    June 30
    - Purchased 30 units at $105 each

    August 15
    - Sold 25 units at $150 each

    November 28
    - Purchased 30 units at $110 each


    1. Calculate the ending inventory, the cost of goods sold, and the gross profit for the December31, 2011, financial statements under each of the following assumptions:
    a. FIFO periodic
    b. LIFO periodic
    c. Weighted average cost periodic

    2. How will the differences between the methods affect the income statement for the year and balance sheet December 31, 2011?

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