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Business Math

Test Marketing a Product

If you were to test-market a new consumer product today for worldwide introduction, how would you select test countries for Europe, for Asia, and for Latin America? Just a few sentences for each, please include any references please!


The purpose of adding an asset with a negative or low positive beta is to: A. increase risk B. increase profit C. reduce profit D. reduce risk

Classified Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Doug Maltbee formed a lawn service business as a summer job. To start the business on May 1, he deposited $1,000 in a new bank account in the name of the proprietorship. The $1,000 consisted of a $600 loan from his father and $400 of his own money. Doug rented lawn equipment, purchased supplies, and hired fellow students to mow

Statistical Choices Worksheet and SPSS or Excel Analysis

1 Assignment: Statistical Choices Worksheet â?¢ Resources: Statistical Choices Worksheet & Figures 39.1 and 39.2 zip file â?¢ Complete the Statistical Choices Worksheet to determine the correct descriptive and inferential statistics to use. If there is missing information that you need in order to make a choice, state

Comparison Line Graph for Sales and Profits

Suppose Joe Mauer of the Minnesota Twins had 17 hits in 50 times at bat, and Freddy Sanchez of the Pittsburgh Pirates was at bat 450 times and got 153 hits. Paul is trying to convince Jamie that the two men hit equally well. Show how you could use a proportion and cross products to see whether Paul is correct. This comparison

Annuity Employed

Katrina Washington is currently employed as a computer programmer by Megatel Company. Her dream is to start her own computer software firm. to provide cash to state her own business in six yers she will invest $10,000 today. She thinks the investment will earn a 12% annual return. a. How much would Katrina have in her acco

Healthcare Administration

Which of the tools for decision making (quantitative methods, qualitative methods, and triangulation methods) should be used in developing operating procedures? Justify and explain your response.

Statistics: MLB - Salaries vs number of wins

I need assistance with locating four scholarly articles, summarizing them and discussing the significance and relation to the question â??Is there a correlation between the playerâ??s salaries and the number of winsâ? for each article.

Please help me with these Financial Accounting questions

Classic Irons, Inc. purchased Manufacturing Equipment with an expected useful life of five years of 5,000 hours of usage. The equipment was purchased on Jan. 1, 2008, for $460,000. It is expected to have a salvage value of $60,000 at the end of five years. During 2008, the equipment was used for 1,200 hours. Assume that usage fo

QM for windows or excel format of following problem

The Westfall Company has a contract to produce 10,000 garden hoses for a large discount chain. Westfall has four different machines that can produce this kind of hose. Because these machines are from different manufacturers and use differing technologies, their specifications are not the same. Machine Fixed Cost 2 Set Up

Financial question

1. Stock. What is the value of a stock with a a. $2 dividend just paid and an 8% required return with 0% growth? b. $3 dividend just paid and a 9% required return with 1% growth? c. $4 dividend to be paid and a 10% required return with 2% growth? d. $5 dividend to be paid and a 11% required return with 3% growth?

Accounting: Current Asset, Depreciation and depletion

1) Anna is studying the annual reports of three different companies that her accounting group will use for its term project. She sees that two of the companies have made investments in the common stock of Ebay, Inc. What concerns her is that one company has reported the investment as a current asset, while the other company has

calculating overtime wage

Complete the following time card for Janice Anderson She earns time and half overtime when she works more than eight hours on a weekday or on Saturday .She earns double time on Sundays and holidays, Calculate Janice net pay if she ears 9.75 per hour, is married and claim one withholding allowance. Janice weekly tim

Sampling to test the reasonableness of the recorded book value

You decide to use statistical sampling to test the reasonableness of the recorded book value of the Key West Company's accounts receivable. Because the company's internal control procedures over accounts receivable have been evaluated by you as excellent and you believe few misstatements will be found, you decide to use probabil

Compute the optimal daily production schedule and daily profit for Ocean Juice.

Ocean Juice produces both a cranberry juice cocktail and a raspberry-cranberry blend. Each day Ocean Juice can receive up to 1000 gallons of a raspberry concentrate that costs $2.00 per gallon and up to 4000 gallons of a cranberry concentrated that costs $1.20 per gallon. Purified water, which is in unlimited supply, costs Ocean

Lump Sum Required

Can a $100,000 take care of retirement if I Choose the retirement amount and my retirement age (55) and using a discount rate of 6% will the $100,000 get me there? How big of a lump sum would I need? What are some other options to supplement the lump sum to get to me to choose my retirement savings amount?

Quantitative Analysis

Color View is a manufacturer of color monitors for personal computers. The company uses the EOQ model with gradual replenishment to determine the production lot sizes for its various models. Color View's newest monitor is the X-435 model. The company expects sales of this model to run at the rate of 6,000 per year for awhile. Th

Tax Saver Benefit Problem

A TSB (Tax Saver Benefit) plan allows you to put money into an account at the beginning of the calendar year that can be used for medical expenses. This amount is not subject to federal tax (hence the phrase TBS). As you pay medical expenses during the year, you are reimbursed by the administrator of the TBS until the TBS acco

Financial management

Please help with the following learning objective. Please provide computation in step by step for easy to understand to use as a guide for the following questions. 1. Twenty-five-year B-rated bonds of Parker Optical Company were initially issued at a 12 percent yield. After 10 years the bonds have been upgraded to Aa2. such b

Statistics: Payroll Example Problem for Baseball

The following table gives the total 2004 payroll (on opening day of the season, rounded to the nearest million dollars) & the % of games won during the 2004 season by each of the National League baseball teams. a) Find the least squares regression line with total payroll as an independent variable & % of games won as a depen

Statistics Respondents Performance Evaluations

According to the Walker Loyalty Report survey of 3350 respondents, 61% of women and 55% pf men polled said that the performance evaluation at their jobs were fair. Assume that these % are based on random samples of 1700 men and 1650 women. a) At 2.5% significance level, can you conclude that the proportion of all women who th

Annuity and sink fund

What is the difference between an annuity and a sinking fund? If you were to set up an annuity today to purchase something in 7 years what would it be for? If you were getting 6% compounded annually what would your payments need to be to reach your goal? What type of payments would you want to make (monthly, quarterly, yearly


Assume you are going to manage a large construction project involving many subcontractors. Why use PERT or CPM to plan the project rather than just logically scheduling the subcontractors?


Kubrick Company decides to buy Hitchcock Company. Both firms have the same characteristics of Walton Company(revenues of $1000, operating margin of 15%, a tax rate of 40%, investment rate of 8%, growth rate of 18%, and 5 years supernormal growth, and zero growth thereafter), except Kubrick Company has a beta of 1.2 and Hitchcock

Managerial Accounting

The comparative statements of Villa Tool Company are presented below. VILLA TOOL COMPANY Income Statement For the Year Ended December 31 2009 2008 Net sales $1,818,500 $1,750,500 Cost of goods sold 1,011,500 996,000 Gross profit 807,000 754,500 Selling and administrative expense 51

Cost Accounting-ethics

Famer Frank's produces items from local farm products and distributes them to supermarkets. Over the years, price competition has become increasingly important, so Susan Kramer, the company's controller, is planning to implement a standard cost system for Famer Frank's. She asked her cost accountant, Margaret Chang, to gather co