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    Discusses and identify each data (survey question) as to type (rating, ranking, and category).

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    1. This is because what you have is a fixed scale based off each age range. For example, a person who is age 25 will circle a for 20-29. He or she is in that range for their age, and this answer suits him or her best because of it. One has to note that this is dependent upon how the researcher decides to use age ranges or a specific age when asking the question.

    2. This is definitely nominal data because of asking demographic information. The make of the car is based off one's personality, which is also a demographic; therefore, by having this available, one learns that the car and the person match through learning that nominal data describes the data of the given population who choose to take this survey.

    3. One has to note that this is ordinal data because of this as rankings. Each of them needed to have ordinal for this one because of having each participant go from a scale of 1-5. This is considered a likert scale to some degree because of the rankings used by the researcher; therefore, by having this in place, one learns that some are more important than others based off how the participant responded to each question.

    4. The type of vehicle is nominal data because of the demographics involved. One understands this as a means in ...

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    This solution discussed and identified each data (survey question) as to type (rating, ranking, and category).