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Business Math

Journal, ledger and trial balacnce accounting help

It has to be done on an Excel files (journal, ledger, trial balance, financial statements) JUST NEED HELP WITH THIS Details: Using the information provided below, journalize and post the adjusting and closing entries for Chris and Mary Jane's first month of business. Prepare a post-closing trial balance. * On

13. Consider an economy with two types of firms, S and I. S firms all move together. I firms move independently. For both types of firms, there is a 60% probability that the firms will have 15% return and a 40% probability that the firms will have a -10% return. What is the volatility (standard deviation) of a portfolio that consists of an equal investment in 20 a. Type S firms? b. Type I firms

13. Consider an economy with two types of firms, S and I. S firms all move together. I firms move independently. For both types of firms, there is a 60% probability that the firms will have 15% return and a 40% probability that the firms will have a -10% return. What is the volatility (standard deviation) of a portfolio tha

Break even points, sales and profits

Please help with the following questions. Provide step by step calculations for each problem. 1) Jason processes and bottles jams. His fixed costs are 250 per month and the variable cost per jar is 1.20. He sells the jam to local grocery stores for 3.20 each. How man jars must he sell per year to break even and what will be

Calculations, TVM, Mill Rates, P/E Ratios, & Business Strategy

Jose, Paul, and Dan went fishing. It was a good day, and all three caught a fish. Dan's fish weighed four times as much as Paul's fish, and Jose's fish weighed half as much as Dan's fish. Altogether, the three fish weighed 21 pounds. How much did each fish weigh? What is the future value of an ordinary annuity of $23,000 per


The following dtables provide information about the top women-owned businesses in the U.S. The first table gives year 2000 revenue in millions of dollars and number of employees for Pennsylvania women-owned companies with year 2000 revenues of $70 million or higher. The second table gibes the same information for Michigan women-

Compute profit margin

ABC Company Income Statement for 1998 1. Sales.........................................................3,000,000 2. Cost of Goods Sold....................................2,100,000 3. Gross Profits..............................................900,000 4. Selling and admin expense......................450,000 5. D

Math Problems: Application Practice

Application Practice: Answer the following questions to the problem. 1. In this problem, we will analyze the profit found for sales of decorative tiles. A demand equation (sometimes called a demand curve) shows how much money people would pay for a product depending on how much of that product is available on the open market


Mike Macinski Leasing Company leases a new machine that has a cost and fair value of $95,000 to Sharrer Corporation on a 3-year noncancelable contract. Sharrer Corporation agrees to assume all risks of normal ownership including such costs as insurance, taxes, and maintenance. The machine has a 3-year useful life and no residu

Application methods for Financial Management

Provide calculations, Excel solutions, and step by step instructions for the following problems: 1. At the end of January, a parts firm had an inventory of 825 units, which cost $12 per unit to produce. During February, the company produced 750 units at a cost of $16 per unit. If the firm sold 1,050 units in February, what w

Supply and Demand Decision for transportation problem

Supply and Demand Decision Several companies use warehouse inventory to stock company stores to serve the buyers. Shipping fees are a significant cost to the company. Ample Computers has warehouses in Chicago, New York, and San Diego. The firm owns company-owned, retail stores in Houston, Indianapolis, and Miami. Each wareh

Statistical process controls using quantitative tools

Please help with the following business math problem. Include at least one reference as part of the solution. Using quantitative tools is one way to manage data. What kind of solutions may be derived using various statistical process controls (SPC)? Why is SPC training important to both company employees and managers?

Stock Trading: Payoff of a Call

Scenario: You own a call option on Intuit stock with a strike price of $40. The option will expire in exactly three months time. Questions: a. If the stock is trading at $55 in three months, what will be the payoff of the call? b. If the stock is trading at $35 in three months, what will be the payoff of the call? c. Draw

Probability distribution using sampling techniques

1. You know that a probability distribution has a mean of 23.20 and a variance of 2.56. You try four different sampling techniques and get the follow results. Technique Mean A 20.7 B 19.5 C 26.0 D 25.7 At the 95 percent confidence level, wh

Solving Unbalanced Problems

Part one: An appliance manufacturer produces two models of microwave ovens: H and W. Both models require fabrication and assembly work: each H uses four hours of fabrication and two hours of assembly, and each W uses two hours of manufacturing and six hours of assembly. There are 600 fabrication hours and 480 hours of assembly

Finance Planning for Buying First Home

Shantel and Kwamie are planning to buy their first home. Although they are excited about the prospect of being homeowners, they are also a little frightened. A mortgage payment for the next 30 years sounds like a huge commitment. They visited a few new developments and scanned the real estate listings of preowned homes, but they

Business Mathematics for Real Estates

One real estate sales technique is to encourage customers or clients to buy today because the value of the property will probably increases during the next few years. "Buy this lot today for $28,000. In two years, I will project it will sell for $32,500. "The buyer has a CD worth $30,000 now, which earns 4% compounded annually a

How much is the earnings available for common stockholders?

At the end 2005, the Long Life Light Bulb Company announced had produced a gross profit of $1 million. The company has also established that over the course of this year it has incurred $345,000 in operating expenses and $125,000 interest expenses. The company is subject to a 30 percent tax rate and has declared $57,000 total

Multiple question realted to Josh, Ben's property & Sean accounting situations.

(TCO E) Josh sold a piece of business equipment that had an adjusted basis to him of $50,000. In return for the equipment, Josh received $80,000 cash and a painting with a fair market value of $20,000 from the buyer. The buyer also assumed Josh's $25,000 loan on the equipment. Josh paid $5,000 in selling expenses. What is the am

Accounting problem

(TCO H) Al and Amy file a joint return for the 2007 tax year. Their adjusted gross income is $80,000. They had net investment income of $9,000. In 2007, they had the following interest expenses: Personal credit card interest $4,000; Home mortgage interest $8,000; and Investment interest (on loans used to buy stocks) $10,000.

Accounting - Contigent Liability

Unruh Co. is being sued for illness caused to local residents as a result of negligence on the company's part in permitting the local residents to be exposed to highly toxic chemicals from its plant. Unruh's lawyer states that it is probable that Unruh will lose the suit and be found liable for a judgment costing Unruh anywhere

Accounting - Pujols Industries - Bond Issue Entries

On February 28, 2006, Pujols Industries issued 10% bonds, dated January 1, with a face amount of $48 million. The bonds were priced at $42 million (plus accrued interest) to yield is 12%. The effective interest method is used. Interest is paid semiannually on June 30 and December 31. Pujols' fiscal year ends October 31st. Re

Find four consecutive even integers whose sum

1- Find four consecutive even integers whose sum is 340. 2- Chrysler Sebring. After getting a 15% discount on the price of a new Chrysler Sebring convertible, Helen paid $27,000. What was the original price of the convertible to the nearest dollar? 3- Toyota Corolla. Gwen bought a new Toyota Corolla. The selling price

Decision Analysis

You have the opportunity to expand your specialty freight business by purchasing or leasing an additional aircraft. You have determined the most suitable type of aircraft is a Shorts AirVan. You have calculated the increase in net profit over the next three years with this aircraft for five estimates of industry activity: ?