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1. Why do companies hire people with MBA degrees with high salaries?
2. Would you please briefly suggest what are important math/statistics topics that you think to include in such courses?

3. Every manager can do simple math calculations (adding and subtracting numbers). So, managers can see what is the earning of the company and accordingly, s/he can do future budget of the company. Why do you think that managers need to have knowledge on math and statistics? Moreover, every manager has his/her assistance that can do all the math calculations for his manager. Please tell us why you think math/statistics training is an important for every manager.

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This solution discussed wha one can do with an MBA degree as well as what managers needs to know for statistics.

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1. Why do companies hire people with MBA degrees with high salaries?

Companies hire MBA degrees with high salaries because they want someone who is qualified and well educated. More and more executives are getting their MBA or hiring those that do because these individuals have studied in depth how to run a business versus those who have not done graduate work. This is quite significant because jobs are demanding higher education degrees. As a result, those with a graduate degree are making more money than those who have undergraduate level work. Eventually, this trend will continue and employers will struggle to find competent workers ...

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