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    Use Excel to track grades and calculate GPA

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    I want to create a worksheet to track my grades and GPA. What formulas and/ or functions might I use? Explain why I chose the specific formula and/or function.

    These are some of my classes,and grades.

    Accounting for Non-Accounting Major-------D+
    Academic Strategies for the Business Professional-----------B
    Survey of Mathematics-------------D
    Introduction to Management---------A-
    Human Resource Management---------------C+


    A 93-100% 4.0
    A- 90-92% 3.7
    B+ 87-89% 3.3
    B 83-86% 3.0
    C+ 77-79% 2.3
    C 73-76% 2.0
    C- 70-72% 1.7
    D+ 67-69% 1.3
    D 60-66% 1.0

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    Open excel. I'll get you started with the attached:

    There are numerous ways to do this, but I figure I'll start with the simplest concept. A grade is an average. In order to equate that to a letter, you can tell excel that "IF" it meets this condition it's this grade.

    Most important. Decide on the structure. Since you don't specify, I assume you're only looking at this term. My thought would be ...

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    Excel spreadsheet to get you started tracking your grades in excel. You can view formulas and replicate them practicing and learning excel.