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    Dimensional Analysis: Distance, Density, Speed, Value

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    Please use Dimensional analysis technique and show the work.

    1-Approximately how many dollars worth of pennies would you need to place side by side to cover a total distance of one mile?

    2-The speed limit on many Australian highways is 100.0 kilometers per hour. Convert this to miles per hour.

    3-What is the volume in milliliters of 1.00 pint of heavy cream?

    4-The average density of whole milk is 1.034 grams per milliliter. What is the density of whole milk in pounds per gallon?

    5-If oxygen molecule is moving at 4.78 x 10 e4 centimeters per second, what is its speed in miles per hour?

    6-Light in a vacuum travels at a speed of 3.00 x 10 e8 m/s. If Pluto was 3.6 billion miles ( 3.6 x 10 e 9 mi) from the sun, how many minutes would it take sunlight to reach Pluto?

    7-A recent television commercial advertised the sale of gold coins that were actually buffalo nickels clad in 12 mg of nearly 100% of gold. For the unbelievable low price of only $ 9.95 you can own one of these treasured pieces of gold normally sold for over $50.00! Calculate the actual value of the coin (i.e. the value of the gold present, plus the face value of the coin- ignoring any added historical numismatic value that a buffalo nickel may warrant.) The market price of gold is given in troy ounces where 1 troy ounce+ 31.1g.

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