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Characteristics of cost functions: fixed, variable, average and marginal

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Consider the following variable cost function (where Q = output):
VC = 200 * Q - 9 * Q^2 + 0.25 * Q^3
Fixed costs are equal to $150: FC = 150

A. Determine the total cost function.
B. Determine the (i) average fixed, (ii) average variable, (iii) average total, and (iv) marginal cost functions.
C. Determine the value of Q where the marginal cost function takes on its minimum value.

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This solution analyzes the characteristics of cost functions: fixed, variable, average and marginal

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A. The total cost function is made up of fixed costs + variable costs. Based on the information provided above: TC (total cost) = FC + VC
TC = 150 + 200 * Q - 9 * Q^2 + 0.25 * Q^3

Average fixed = fixed cost per ...

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