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Resultant Force on Eyebolt

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Determine the resultant force acting on the eyebolt shown in the attached figure, as a result of the four forces shown, both analytically and graphically. Compare and comment on the two results.

See the attached file.

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Using graphical as well as analytical methods, resultant of a number of forces, acting on an eyebolt, is estimated.

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Convention for unit vector
Upward (+y axis): j; downward (-ve y axis): -j; right side (=ve x axis): i; left side (-ve x axis): -i
Hence, foces in vector form in cartesian system

F1 = 800kN (-j)
F2 = 400 kN (-j)
F3 = 300kN (-i cos(50) - j sin(50)) = 300 (- ...

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