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Mechanics: Force and Acceleration

On my last test, there is a question: an object with a mass of 5kg is acted upon by 4 separate forces that each have a magnitude of 10N. I understand that there could be different resulting accelerations of the object but i don't understand why or how which is why i got this answer wrong. In fact, i was totally lost. What are the resulting accelerations and how do i come to that conclusion...would i use the acceleration formula?

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First of all you have not described the question clearly, whether the four forces acting simultaneously or one by one? What are the directions of the forces?

The force is a vector quantity and to describe it completely we have to give direction as well with the magnitude.

There may be some other forces acting on the body, which are not given in the question like the normal reaction of the surface, if the body is placed on a horizontal surface.

In all cases to find the acceleration of the body due to a single force or the number forces we can use Newton's law and the formula is

F = ma

where F is the force acting and a is the ...

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The different aspects for the resultant force and acceleration are discussed. A good basic concept learning.