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growth and decline of Egypt

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A. What conditions allowed this culture to grow and become dominant during its particular epoch?

b. What outside influences may have contributed to either the growth or decline of this culture?

c. What interaction/influence may this culture have had on the other cultures listed?

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Based on the information you provided I will assume we are talking about Egypt during the time of the pharohs.

a) The main condition that allowed Egypt to grow and become dominant is based on geography. The fact that the Nile rises and falls, flooding its banks and leaving behind very fertile soil that could support a large population is key. With organization, a government could create a network of canals to control the flow of water and become the bread basket of the Mediterrenean Sea. In fact, this was the main reason Rome became interested in Egypt.

In addition, Egypt is isolated from potential invaders and enemies by desert on three sides and the sea on the other. This allowed an Egyptian kingdon to rise and thrive. To the south were ...

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Conditions and influences that cause the rise or fall of a culture

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