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    Egyptian style artwork

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    Please help me with some ideas:
    Create an Egyptian style art piece (this can be a drawing or software based rendering) and answer the following questions:

    -For who was the artwork created?
    -What was its value in the culture?

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    To approach solving this assignment, I first suggest that you research on the Internet and take a look at some examples of Egyptian art upon which to base your original artwork in the Egyptian style. I would choose one that gives you a good deal of background information about the piece, since you will need to explain, in the second part of the assignment, what the cultural significance of this work of art might have been. Therefore, an artwork example with some real commentary will help you to answer that second part.

    I would start searching with a phrase such as: Egyptian artworks, or perhaps Egyptian two-dimensional (2D) artworks (since your assignment asks you for a drawing- which is 2D, not a sculpture- which is 3D). When I search using these phrases, I get the following site that I'd like to use, which has 2D work and commentary on it, both.

    Please understand that this is not a particularly scholarly site, but it does have simple to read and understand commentary, which I thought might suit you better than some of the other sites which use much more difficult language to explain many of the same things. Also, there are a number of nice illustrations on this web site.

    Of course, you are welcome to conduct your ...

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    Discussion and URLs of Web sites which might serve as good resources for creating an original Egyptian-style artwork. A sample artwork is included and described as if it had been an original Egyptian artwork, using their symbolism, and values. An example is included to model your response upon.