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    Design Principles: Ancient Egyptian Artwork Examples

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    Details: In this assignment, you will be helping to design a chapter on ancient art forms and designs. In particular, you are to research ancient Egyptian culture. Pick at least two pieces of Egyptian artwork and discuss some of the design principles (e.g., proportion, depth, media, and value) the Egyptians used in their paintings, writings, and/or architecture. What did the artwork attempt to communicate, and what devices or artistic decisions were used?

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    First, you might select the piece called "Funerary Guardian Figure" from http://www.metmuseum.org/works_of_art/collection_database/egyptian_art/funerary_guardian_figure/objectview.aspx?page=2&sort=5&sortdir=asc&keyword=&fp=1&dd1=10&dd2=31&vw=1&collID=31&OID=100000004&vT=1&hi=0&ov=0

    When you discuss its design principles and usage, I feel like it is so valuable since it was utilized for spiritual purposes to send to the afterworld or afterlife. Its regal stance, for example, shows that it is highly symbolic.
    Research further praises its "contours of the legs, the details of ...

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