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Marriage in Ancient Egypt

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This solution briefly outlines the significant role of marriage within Ancient Egypt, such as how it organized and kept a family together.

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This solution briefly outlines the significant role of marriage within Ancient Egypt.

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Marriages in ancient Egypt played a vital and significant role in running and keeping a family organized and together. Marriages were viewed as being beneficial to all parties involved. The questioning of getting married was not one thought of too long by most Egyptians. Marriage was indeed not an option, but just another step into one's life. The process of marriage began very early; for females age twelve or thirteen, and around age fourteen for males. If an Egyptian daughter came from a wealthy family, the process of marriage began a bit later for her. Unlike marriages today, there were marriage contracts between the young bride and groom's families. In her book 'Red Land, Black Land: Daily Life in Ancient Egypt' Barbara Mertz pointed out that, "Most marriages had a contract drawn up between the parties. Marriage settlements were drawn up between a woman's father and her prospective husband, although many times the woman herself was part of the contract. The sole purpose of the contract was to establish the rights of both parties to maintenance and possessions during the marriage and after divorce if it should occur" (Mertz 54).

Marriage contracts also included the date, the contractors, the ...

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