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The Importance of Nubian (Kush) Pyramids

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Please help with the following archaeology problem. Include references as part of your answer.

Describe the importance of saving the Kush pyramids in Africa.

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The following posting helps with an archaeology problem. It explains the importance of Nubian (Nush) pyramids in Africa. References are included in the solution.

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These pyramids were discovered in the Sudan area of Africa. Kush was a country neighboring Egypt and at one point in time, Kush leaders ruled Egypt. It is one of two civilizations built along the Nile River, the other being Egypt. The pyramids are designed like those found in Egypt with some very interesting differences. The first is, they are smaller. The largest is only 7 meters in width. They were also shorter. The pyramids, though ransacked in more ancient times, are revealing in terms of the civilization that created them. Some of the pyramids have a circle in the center, with four arms extending out to the outer walls of the pyramids. The pyramids were built in a ...

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