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The Faience Process of Egyptian Hippos

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Can you please help me with this discussion: tell us about faience - the material of the hippo.


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The following sites have information about the hippopotomi of ancient Egypt, made of faience.They give interesting cultural background info:

Info about that one hippo in particular:

About modern faience and the ancient Egyptian process:
The relevant parts of this site on the ancient faience process (K. Kris Hirst, author) are pasted below for you:

Ancient Faience
Ancient faience, on the other hand, is a completely manufactured material created perhaps to imitate the bright colors and gloss of hard-to-get gems and precious stones. It was used in jewelry throughout Egypt and the Near East beginning about 5500 years ago. Forms of faience are found throughout the Bronze Age Mediterranean, and faience objects have been recovered from archaeological sites of the ...

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A discussion and reference sites for the faience process of creating the Egyptian hippos are provided.

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