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    Market analysis of Egypt

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    Conduct a market analysis, also known as market intelligence, about Egypt in north Africa .
    There are three main components of market analysis or intelligence:
    1. Analysis of the customer and consumer needs
    2. Analysis of the competitive environment
    3.Analysis of the overall environment, including economical, political, technological, social, and cultural

    I am trying to write a paper about introducing a new product (soap) for different uses like bathing, washing and cleaning to the Egyptian market.

    In this project task, also complete your literature review and prepare the bibliography.
    The 15-20 page final paper must contain the following sections:

    •Introduction (a statement of the problem)

    •Literature review (a discussion of the pertinent literature)

    •Body (a discussion of how the literature relates to the project)

    ◦Synthesis of multinational marketing framework

    ◦Discussion of multinational marketing implications

    •Summary of areas for further research and recommendations


    Present your market analysis and literature review in a 6-page Word document formatted in APA style. Cite all the sources of information you use.

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    Analysis of the customer and customer needs. The product is soap. Soaps for different uses such as bathing, washing, cleaning, and scrubbing will be introduced. The customers in the Egyptian market are family oriented. They tend to buy products that are recommended by family members or by relatives. For example, if body soap is recommended by the mother, her daughter is likely to buy that brand of soap and use it. Egypt also has a fast growing market in the Middle East. The customers buy products that are differentiated and are used for different purposes. For example, customers who were buying bathing soap and face-wash are also likely to buy soap for hand-wash. From the perspective of markets, Egypt represents the 13th most attractive retail markets in the world. The Egyptian consumers are also positively affected by the esteem and reputation of the brand name. For example, Ariel or Tide is likely to be purchased in preference to unknown brands. The Egyptian consumer equates brand recognition and brand positioning with the quality of the product. A very large number of shoppers go to retail outlets with friends or family members. For example, if person goes shopping with a friend and wants to purchase bathing soap, the opinion of the friend or relative will matter. An important characteristic of Egyptian customer is that most of Egyptians carefully plan their purchases. Impulse driven purchases are relatively low. The Egyptian customer knows exactly the soaps she wants to buy. Her selection of soap may be influenced by the opinion of the relative or the friend with whom she is shopping. The Egyptian customer also prefers stores that offer a wide selection of products. They assess the quality of the products and balance it with value for money products. For example, if a store offers private brand clothes washing detergent, the Egyptian customer will evaluate the reputation of the store, the perceived quality of the private label, and the price before making a buying decision. The Egyptian customers are drawn to stores that are well organized and have a high quality store design. Store designs that comply with international standards are popular with the Egyptian customers. For example, an Egyptian customer in a store with international design is more likely to buy brands such as Cheer, Tide, Gain, or Wisk. Smaller and more modest stores are likely to sell Egyptian local brands. There are some qualities that Egyptian customers seek. These are reputation for quality, value, service, innovation, and trust. In addition, Egyptian consumers seek a shopping experience where consumers easily find the items they seek and their overall shopping experience is enjoyable. Egyptian customers also seek well known international brands when selecting soap. Some of the international brands preferred by Egyptian customers include Mary Kay, Aveeno, Pure ...

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