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Compare and Contrast Two Research Study Designs

Select two research studies published in peer-reviewed, refereed journals in an international discipline. Submit a 2500-3500-word APA-formatted analysis in which you compare and contrast problem and purpose statements, research questions/hypotheses, literature reviews, theoretical frameworks, and designs of the two research studies. One study needs to use a quantitative method, the other qualitative.

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Solution Summary

The solution is an APA formatted paper of 13 pages (2,662 words), including 4 references.
The solution contrasts the following studies:

1. Irrational Workers: The Moral Economy of Labor Protest in Egypt (Posusney, 1993)
2. Role and Perception in International Crisis: The Cases of Israeli and Egyptian Decision Makers in National Capitals and the United Nations (Siverson, 1973)

Cursory Aspects of the Studies

Irrational Workers... Role and Perception...
(Posusney, 1993) (Siverson, 1973)
An Aspect of the Research
Approach Qualitative Quantitative
Country Setting Egypt Egypt & Israel
Period Setting 1993 1973
Rigor Poor Good
Peer Reviewed Yes Yes
Principle Design Grounded Theory Correlational
Subject Area Economics Social Psychology
Length in Words 10,556 6,300