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Logical Arguments to use in Current Events

Choose a current serious debate, argument or event. Write down a summary of the main point on both sides of the issues (for/against and pro/con). Identify at least one reasoning error on each side of the issue.

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Logical Arguments Over Post-Mubarak Egypt

The events in the Middle East has currently taken centerstage in international politics- They affect the global market as revolutions can go either way - it can be the way for progress or it can tip things to instability. The Egyptian Revolution whose centre was and still is Tahrir Square was inspired by the revolutions in Tunisia that exiled ex-Tunisian dictator Ben Ali. Mubarak was pushed out of the dictatorial seat he controlled for decades via a revolution that had its roots in the ideals of democracy fuelled by Egyptian Youth well-versed in technology, ...

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The solution is a concise discussion of 367 words presenting a sample current-events debate (Post-Mubarak Egypt) summarizing the main points of issues of the sides of the argument as well as the problems with their arguments. References have been listed for further research.