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    Egyptian Art

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    This posting offers art examples from ancient Egypt and a brief synopsis of each piece.

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    As you prepare to write your chapter on the rise of early cultures, please allow these visual depictions of life during this time to guide you:

    Depiction #1 "Prancing Horse:"

    Please use the picture at the aforesaid website.

    "Prancing Horse" is really powerful and captivating because of the lines it creates. It appears as if in motion.

    This piece came from 1391-1353. It originated from the late Dynasty 18. Scholars suggest that it came from the reign of Amenhotep.

    When discussing its cultural context, please note that war was quite a pervasive part of the culture. Since the horse and chariot were used during the New Kingdom, this animal depicted a common part of life and symbol of protection.

    When looking at placement and purpose, please note its small ivory handle of a whip. It is also positioned to resemble running or prancing. Its purpose is to show the animal in motion. The colors are interesting in the reddish brown with black mane. You might even comment on the arched back, to show the realism associated with animals.

    Since it was probably considered decorative art ...

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    This posting offers ideas about art appreciation from ancient Egypt.