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    Visual Communication Art: Egyptian rendering and cultural meaning.

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    Egyptian style rendering & text or Word document
    Details: For this assignment, you will create an Egyptian style art piece (this can be a drawing or software based rendering) and answer the following questions:

    For who was the artwork created?
    What was its value in the culture?

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    These Web sites each explain a little more about the kinds of art and symbols, with meanings, for a number of the objects and images that we find in Egyptian art. There are, of course, more Web sites out there with much more information than is contained in just these four - but how much time did you want to spend learning about this? These four will give you enough information to complete this assignment.

    Attached to this posting solution is a scanned drawing that you might look at as a representative example of the sort of response you might want to make. It is in Black and white with no color, because scanned images with color take up lots of megabytes of memory, and BrainMass does not allow huge files to be ...

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    Original Egyptian-style rendering described and analyzed as if it were an ancient work, according to their standards.