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Linear Programming Problem

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Video-Scapes, Inc. (VSI) offers budget landscaping designs for $1,500 and deluxe designs for $3,000. Budget designs require 4hrs of computer time, 2hrs of creative time, and 4hrs of consulting time. Deluxe design requires 6hrs of computer time, 6hrs of creative time, and 4hrs of consulting time. VSI currently has 60hrs of computer, 42hrs of creative and 36hrs of consulting time available on a weekly basis. What output mix would be optimal if VSI wishes to maximize total sales revenue?
A. Using the equality form of the constraint conditions, set up and interpret the linear program that VSI might use to determine an optimal weekly service mix.
B. Solve for and interpret all solution values. (Graphically and algebraically)

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Solution Summary

Equity form of the constraint conditions, set up and interpretation of linear programs.

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