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    Better Bloomspot.com bookings

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    Look up Bloomspot.com (Getaways). Think about potential challenges related to these on-line daily travel deals, and then offer proposition that are worth studying in the future. Please provide your rationales for these propositions. (Be creative! Think outside the box!)

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    From what I saw when I viewed this site, Bloomspot offers deeply discounted stays at hotels, inns and resorts. Some of these appear to be last-minute deals, and others offer a window of booking time.

    One problem I noticed is that with NONE of these offers is travel included. On www.travelzoo.com, similar offers are made that include travel to and from the destination site, allowing the consumer to book at one time the destination and the means to get there, all for one low price. This would appeal to me. Often, I have encountered a destination I wanted (somewhere else on another site), and then could not arrange the travel to and from at anywhere NEAR a reasonable price. ESPECIALLY for last-minute bookings, travel plans are an issue. Free cancellations without penalty would be ...

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    Ideas to improve potential bookings for a discount hotel travel booking site.