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Ideas for research paper and project topics

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Please pick a topic related to tourism, hospitality, restaurant, event, sports, and recreation.

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First, I am assuming this is a research project you need to complete, and not just a research paper. A topic for a research paper, where you have to conduct research (look for information) and present your findings might include:

What are proven methods to increase tourism revenue for a smaller city or town?
What steps are necessary to open a franchise restaurant business?
What sports in the US bring in the most revenue? In the world?
What is required to set up a catering business?
What recreation strategies could potentially stop obesity in the US?
Which sports are safest for recreation (fewest reported injuries)?

A research project idea, however, is much ...

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Brainstorm ideas for reserach paper topics and research project topics in the tourism, hospitality, restaurant, event, sports, or recreation industries.