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Dictionary of gestures

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Research and compile a dictionary of at least 20 iconographic gestures, religious and/or secular (i.e., Buddhist mudras, peace sign, Star Trek greeting, etc).

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Also, cut and paste these entries into whatever order your dictionary will use - words in a real dictionary are alphabetical, these gestures might be organized from innocent (G-rated) to profane (X-rated), since I cannot think of another way to organize gestures!

The first Iconographic Dictionary: I gave you a few more than 20 - pick and choose!

Index finger raised vertically to mouth, across lips - sometimes accompanied with a ssshhhhh sound, means BE QUIET!

Hand beside body at hip height, fist clenched, but thumb extended away from body, performed roadside, means hitchhiking, or May I have a lift?

Index finger dragged across throat, sometimes accompanied with a facial grimace, means I'm going to kill you - or BE QUIET!

Arm and hand ...

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Descriptions of 20 iconographic (easily recognized and understood) gestures for a new sort of dictionary.