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Discussion of the impact of 2 articles on hotel industry

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1. Topic: describe the overall issue covered by the item.
2. Impact upon Hotel industry (2~3 sentences): express the ramifications of the circumstances and the general influence they will have on the hotel industry.
3. Pro or Con opinion (2~3 sentences) : state if you are supportive or not specifying your position of the topic, and impact upon the hotel industry.

*First Article
*Second Article

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This article reports that a discount carrier airline has been unable to make a reasonable profit flying from Philadelphia to Boston, Pittsburgh, Providence RI, Manchester NH and Jacksonville FL., and has decided to eliminate their service in these markets. Because of this, the remaining carrier has steeply increased their ticket prices, because they know that they are now ...

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Two brief articles (making announcements regarding airline service), and original Expert analysis of their impact upon the local hotel industry.

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