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    Research project in hotel housekeeping

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    I have a research project that relates with a current internship area. I'm interning with the hotel area housekeeping department so I'm trying to figure about project idea relate with hotel housekeeping. I'm brainstorming some idea of my project before I start work on.

    Could you give or recommend some idea of a research project related with the housekeeping area based on your lodging or hotel experience that maybe good idea or productive for study?

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    For this project, you are to devise a research project that examines one or more facets of the housekeeping department within the hospitality industry.

    One thing you might want to consider is whether you want to gather the data while you are there, or if it is more reasonable to research hotel existing data from the past records. If the company is reluctant to allow you access to their past records, then you will have your answer, and should devise a study where you can gather your own data as it occurs. Access to the data will be a primary concern, whatever research idea you come up with - you don't want it to be impossible to succeed with a great idea because you can't get access to the necessary information.

    I am assuming that you want to conduct a study at the one location where you will be interning. It might be possible to research industry records online about ALL hotels in the US (or the world), and get a good study from that which would also apply to the location where you are, such as whether consumers prefer no-smoking rooms, and if they specifically ask for them. That idea might be one you would want to study even at your one location. My mother has severe allergies to cigarette smoke, and my parents ALWAYS ask for a non-smoking room. Other people don't care, as long as the room price is right. Would it be worth it to the hotel to have some dedicated non-smoking rooms for those who need or demand them?

    Also, hotels spend a great deal of money on stocking rooms with individually-sized soaps, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, shaving razors, shaving cream, comb, shoe polish kit, ...

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