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    Designing New Electronic Games

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    1. Strategy games don't always need a military backdrop. Discuss three settings or themes not related to the military that could be incorporated successfully into a strategy game. HINT: You may use examples of games you have played before.

    2. Create a brand new game genre. Tie this genre to what you learned about player markets. What type of player might be interested in playing your game genre and why?

    3. You've read about the many eras and phases of the electronic games industry. Are we at the dawn of a new era? Can you predict the primary features of the next phase in game industry history?

    4. Digital downloads of games have risen in popularity in the last 10 years. What effect does this have on player markets? What would you change about the content or structure in games to incline these new markets to play?

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    The first one that comes to mind is Sim City, or any of its later versions. This game requires planning strategies in order to keep your sims (citizens) happy in the town you are managing. Another kind of strategy games that are very popular are sports genre games such as football, soccer, hockey, car racing, etc. These games require strategy in selection of players and specific plays in order to win. Another strategy game example is the Prince of Persia game, where players interact with various situations in order to achieve some objective. There are several like this.

    I would create a game that simulates the Olympics. You choose what country you will represent, choose your athletes, and select what events your athletes will enter. It will require strategy to win events, and keep your country in the lead with medals (events) won. This should ...

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    Answers to questions designed to promote thought on the future trends of electronic, digital video game markets: what will the future hold? What new kinds of games, what new twists on games, how games will be sold...what do you think is coming up next?