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New market channels for fast food organizations

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Fast food organizations competing with each other need to find new or innovative ways of improving their market share.

List and describe some possible new marketing channels that could be utilized by fast food organizations. Justify your response with examples from successful fast food organizations or other organizations that the fast food industry could emulate.

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This is a very interesting question. I am sure that there are so many new innovative marketing communication channel that fast food organizations can take advantages off. Over the year, I have seen several fast food organizations use video games as the new channel for marketing. I think video games are still a very innovative marketing channels that many advertisers are trying to tap into. Rather than let you ALL the possible marketing channels, I would focus on video games for most of the time.

The reasoning behind fast food and video games are as follows:
(1) Fast food consumers and video gamers represent two closely related groups. They are typically teenagers, or young professionals before marriage. Married people are more likely to find other alternative dining options, such as at home or restaurant, for dinner. They may still have fast food ...

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550+ words uses examples of market channels that have been used by some fast food organizations to suggest how others can move forward and utlize those as well.

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