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Visual Basic

Write a program with visual basic

Write a function called numWeeks that takes an integer parameter representing a number of days and returns an integer that is the number of whole weeks in that number of days. For example, if the parameter was 25, the function would return 3, because there are three whole weeks in 25 days. If the parameter is 0 or negative, the

Visual Basic Write Program

You have a command button, cmdCalc,a text box, txtMonth, and a list box, 1stOutput. Write a Sub procedure that takes a single parameter, multiplies it by 12, and then displays the result on 1stOutput. Write code for the button's click event to call your Sub, passing the value in txtMonth.

Create a program using Visual Basic.Net

You have a form with three text boxes,txtNumber,txtSentence,and txtBoxOut, and a command button, cmdButton1. Assume the user has entered a numerical value in txtNumber and a string in txtSentence. Write the instructions such that when the button is clicked, one character from txtSentence is copied to txtBoxOut, from the positio

Using Access for Prototyping Databases

Why is a PC based DBMS like MS Access often suggested as a good candidate to use in story boarding/prototyping the user interface presentation screens and basic database functionality for a new database development (even though MS Access is not the final target database management system (DBMS) for implementation). Are there any

Your neighbors, Mike and Mary Phillips, have learned that you are taking a course in networking, and have asked that you assist them with the physical tasks of networking their home

Please assist me so that I can complete the assignment: Networking & Telecommunications Directions: Answer the following questions thoroughly. This assignment will cover installing basic network hardware components and the installation of a cable modem. Two useful websites that cover general information about cable modems ar

Create a DeleteCommand event handler for a DataGrid

I need to create a DeleteCommand event handler in VB.NET for a DataGrid named dgQuestion that will delete the current row. Assume that the DataSet is named dsQuestion, and that the table is named tblQuestions. Assume that the key field is fldQuestionID.

Write a code in visual Basic turn distance from English to metric unit

Need to create 2 textboxes with label one with input of value to be converted English using CDbl and another to display the result of the calculation metric using cstr. then set the properties for output metric textbox so its Read Only. Create the Calculate Clear/reset and exit buttons on the Form. Make sure the application

Visual Basic - three forms for a cell phone plan

Please help with the following problem involving option buttons and radio buttons. Note: The Solution cannot be opened with Visual Basic 2010. I have attached three forms for a cell phone plan. The first form that should be visible is a form to where the user will choose whether he wants an individual plan or a family pl

Creating a function method in VB

Create a function method named GetTimeParts. The function method should get the time of the day from the system, and return a structure having the following elements: CurrentHour, CurrentMinute, and CurrentSecond. Declare the structure, and give it the name CurrentTime. The code in the function method should get the time of day

Write a statement

Write a statement to create 10 instances of the form named frmMdiChildList. Store a reference to each form instance that you create in the array named frmListArray. Assume that the array has a data type of frmMdiChildList having subscripts from 0 to 9. Configure the forms so that they appear as child forms of the MDI parent form

Creating an event handler in VB

Create an event handler to respond to a toolbar's ButtonClick event. If the index of the button is zero (0), call the procedure named OpenFile. If the index of the button is one (1), call the procedure PrintFile. Finally if the index of the button is two (2), then call the procedure named ExitSolution. Assume that the toolbar is

Create a read-write property

Create a read-write property named ValidLastName that stores a String value in the hidden variable mstrLastName. Implement the property using a Property Procedure. When the developer attempts to stores a value in the property, your code should validate that the value contains between 1 and 15 characters. If the data is not valid

VB.NET programming

Assume that the DataGridTableStyle object dgtsQuestion has four columns. Right-justify all of the columns. Hide the first column. Set the caption of the remaining four columns to Column A, Column B, and Column C, rUse respectively. Use VB.NET programming to create and put in word document.

Loop using VB.NET programming

Using an array of DataRow objects named drArray, assume that the first field has the name fldTotal. Write a loop to examine each row in the array, and find the minimum value stored in the field named fldTotal. Store the result in the variable msngMinimum.

Visual basic code

Attached is a form using visual basic. The user should be able to choose a class and a location of the class with the list boxes I have provided. The location and the class should show up in the third list box named list of costs. Once that is done you should click the calculate button and the price of the class should pop up

Average Test Score

Design and write a program that computes an average score for a class's scores on a test in VB. The application will have 2 forms. The first will include a 2 column list and two buttons. The application should allow a user to enter scores until a blank student name is entered. On the first form use a list view control alon

Writing a Program to Calculate Tip

Please write a program to calculate the amount of a waiter's tip given the amount of the bill and the percentage tip obtained via input dialog boxes. The output should be a complete sentence that reiterates the inputs and gives the resulting tip. Attached is an image of what it is supposed to look like.

Develop an application in VB.NET

Develop an application in VB.NET that allows a user to enter a stock transaction and determine the stockbroker's commission. Each transaction includes the following data: the stock name, price per share, number of shares involved, and the stockbroker's name. Assume price per share = P. The stockbrokers commission is computed

advantages and disadvantages of low-level languages

Can you help me with this study question. Thanks 1. Describe advantages and disadvantages of low-level (machine) languages v.s. high-level programming languages. Are low-level languages being used now? If yes, where and for what purposes? If not, why ?

Visual Basic and CSV file

A CSV file contains a customer's name, zipcode and amount of a sale output total sales per customer (combine double entries), total sales for each zip code, and the total for each store. Input file attached: Output: Customer 1 Customer 2 Customer 3 Customer 4 Customer 5 Total sales for 60602 Total sales fo

Array Sorting and Finding Values in Visual Basic

See the attached file. I have a multi-dimensional array that needs to have the following questions answered each by a separate button and sub or function procedure. The array is Dim Kidsinsports(10,3) " schools + sports" e.g. School 1 has 10 kids in football, 10 in basketball and 10 in volleyball. Sports are organized by

Visual Basic

Input file containing info for 50 states Create a class state with 5 properties to hold the information about a single state and a method that calculates the density(people per square mile) of a state Create an array of state objects and write a program that requests a state's name in an inputbox and displays the state's a

Visual Basic Classes: Program to Implement a Cash Register

Write a program to implement a cash register (see attachment). The program should have a class named Cash Register that keeps track of the balance money and allows deposits and withdrawals. The class should call an event when a negative balance is made.

Merging Arrays (Must be in vb.NET)

Merging is the process of combining two sorted lists into a single sorted list. In some cases, one list can be appended to the other, and the new list then can be sorted. Merging using this method, however, is not always the most efficient. Write a program that merges two arrays, intX and intY, into intZ. Assume that the arr

Enhanced MessageBox Features and StatusBar Panels (Must be in vb .Net)

Develop a program that demonstrates the enhanced options for the MessageBox class. Use three GroupBox controls with RadioButton controls contained within each. The first GroupBox control should contain the various options for which buttons display in the message box. The second GroupBox control should contain the various options

DataBase design Using VB.NET and Ms Access

RENT-A-MOVIE DATABASE PROJECT I want to design a relational database to store information about my store (video rental store) customers and videotapes. I think the database will improve my ability to market to and provide enhanced service to my customers. Among the things I would like to be able to do, once the database i

Catch exceptions to handle any error that can be typed

Problem solution in VB.NET format with using the attachment zip file to modified accordingly. The project name should be name bxnguyen. Develop Try...Catch exceptions to handle any error that can be typed by the user on your Unit 2 individual project. Change the NumericUpdown controls into TextBox. Make sure that any informa

VB.NET Calculator

The code will be in the VB.NET format with the project name under bxnguyen. This problem is similar to SGSG202828 with the additional information such as "Create numeric buttons for numbers input. Create "." and "+/-" buttons for real numbers and negative numbers input. " Develop a calculator that allows addition, subtra

Program Writing in Visual Basic

I am having trouble creating a program in Visual Basic that prints the * in a diamond shape. Do you have any suggestions? This is what I have so far. It is an un-proportioned diamond, I need a normal diamond. What am I doing wrong? Dim i As Integer Dim y As Integer Dim j As Integer Fo