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Visual Basic code

If ount = 0 Then MsgBox "No files were returned." Else MsgBox "The list is complete. " & Chr(13) & Chr (10) & "Found " & FileCount & "files" & Chr (13) 7 Chr(10) &_ "Occupying" & Int(SumDiskSpace / 100000) / 10 & "MB" End If If FileCount result is 50, then I would want that sum to appear in cell A5 on an Excel spread

Create a Development Lifecycle

The Course Project is comprised of several steps which will result in a completed, tested solution. Complete all steps of the development life cycle for a small project of your choosing. Create any documentation or deliverables that would normally occur during the development cycle for any type of project, including flow charts,


Create Visual Basic.NET application for an "Automotive Repair Shop". Below are the requirements: 1. Incorporate ADO.NET access to at least three Microsoft Access data tables. These tables should include Customers, Services (the kinds of work offered and cost), and Work Order information (a combination of customer and service

VB.NET Database Questions

1. Create a ClickOnce local data source deployment for the attached application (MRC). Be sure to choose the local path (e.g., a CD) type of deployment. 2. The exit button should provide an exit Yes/No messagebox confirmation. 3. Make the application NOT perform a default calculation when no radio button has been select

Design an online class registration application

In this assignment, you will design an online class registration application. There will be two types of users: students and administrators. A database will store the student's login name, class list, and number of registered credits. Furthermore, the database will store the administrator's login information and the classes l

Create a Visual Basic.NET application to manage personal assets

A screen shot of the desired UI is shown in the attachment. You are responsible for meeting the listed requirements. Please refer to the following information for the complete requirements. Requirements ? Fields in tblAssets (These are in the database table and should be displayed on the screen.) o fldAssetID, long int

Need help with Visual Basic 2005 and ADO.NET

Below is the project is the WHOLE project but i need help with this...not sure how it is done. PLEASE help! Add a form that includes the RichTextBox control and several predefined template letters. This part of the program would be used to write letters to your customers when there is a specific issue you would like to addre

Visual Basic.NET Application to Schedule Campsites

For this assignment, you will create a Visual Basic.NET application to schedule campsites. A screen shot of the desired UI is shown in the following image. You can also download a running example of the completed project. Please be aware that the example program does not necessarily demonstrate all of the functional requirements

Master/Detail relationship in VB.NET

Using VB.NET For this project, you will use the following database schema, which has two tables. The input form contains a ListBox and a DataGrid control. Select asset categories in the list box and then the corresponding asset information will appear in the DataGrid. As you select different categories, the total costs are r

A Visual Basic 2005 application to calculate movie rental fees and due dates

I have to recreate a Visual Basic 2005 application to calculate movie rental fees and due dates. My visual basic install tanked and Im trying to open my project in the new install and telling me it does not contain references. Also, I was having trouble dimming the textbox as a date. please i need help! Create a form with the

Clear Data from Textbox and Masktextboxes

I am using Visual Basic.NET with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. I have a project with a User Control that I have created. I have a button that I named Clear. I need to clear the data from my maskedtextbox named "mtbPAC". Once I click the button Clear the data needs to be removed from the maskedtextbox. If someone has code th

Visual Basic 2003

I have a mortage calulator (attached) I need to understand how to implement as an personal assignment. I need to know how what and where to open my own MS Visual Basic 2003 (on my own PC) so I and others can see this program and all its functionality. I can open the calculator. However I need to know how to open this file with

Web elements

This task should be applied to the file attached of work already completed. Make a layout grid with page descriptions for each page. The descriptions should contain information on how you plan to utilize screen real estate and the visual elements you will be including. Write brief justifications of the placement o

Conversion Table

Conversion from wet liters to wet pints and wet liters to wet gallons. TextBox1: liters, for input Textbox2: pints, read only for output Textbox3: gallons, read only for output Labels for the above textboxes Compute button: btnCompute Reset button: btnReset Code the following methods: btnCompute_Click()and btnReset_Cli

Common interface features

List the common interface features seen in this applications versions of each of the following office applications installed on a computer. List installed version for all of these required applications: ? Microsoft Word ? Microsoft Excel ? Microsoft PowerPoint ? Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office applications

Think about how the Microsoft Office applications have been designed to work together. Look at the user interfaces of all the Microsoft Office applications you have installed on your computer and describe the common user interface and features you see in these applications. Next, list the versions of each of the following Of

Web Page

Task: Make a class called student where the properties are name, age, and school. A. Develop a Contact Manager application that includes at least five of your friends or classmates. B. Try inserting correct and incorrect dates into the application when age is a public variable. Switch age to a private variable and try

Please do the following Using VB.NET

1) I want the form to be like the one in the zipped file named "Example". When Analyzing text or Analyzing File it should use the same text boxes. It has to be (Identical) exactly to the form in "" Also make sure it out puts the numbers of Characters, Words, Sentences, Paragraphs specailly when Analyzing File. Te

Please do the following using VB.NEt 2003

Since I increase the bid I'm hoping whoever do this assignment will make it great special the Enhancements. In this solution, you will create a Class Library project that will count the number of characters, words, sentences, and paragraphs contained in a text file or a multi-line text box. You will also create a Window

Please Fix this Using Visual Basic.NET 2003

This was for Mr. Rajender Kumar, MCom, OTA ID#: 104967, but since he is away (not replying for any reason) anyone can do it. I'm getting " An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.OleDb.OleDbException' occurred in" for all the forms. The database named "ClothingStore.mdb" is save in the bin Could Project Question

Create an application that either sums or averages the rows or columns of a two-dimensional array depending on user choices. Use the following data for the array: 5 7 3 9 12 4 8 9 13 4 0 -1 -7 13 8

Modify thie minicalc (small modification)

The MiniCalc application was designed to perform basic math calculations: +, -, *, /. However, in its present form, this application needs some improvements. 2. Test the program with 99999 + 99999. This should raise a 'System.OverflowException' exception. 3. Modify the code to catch and handle the exception so that the u

Please Fix the calculation part of this problem using VB.NET2003

I don't want you to start new program, just work on what I have already started. Thank you in advance FIX the calculation part in Form1 you will see the "BreakPoint" The solution supposed output gross profit for the current item by subtracting the cost from the sales price. The total inventory at cost is calculated by

Must be done in visual basic

Design and develop a project to assign a letter grade (A >= 90, B = [80..89], C = [70..79], D = [60..69], and F = [0..59]) to a student's Assignment based on a test score and other criteria. Use a NumericUpDown control to allow the instructor's assistant to enter a test score between 0 and 100. Use a group of RadioButton c

Simple Web Site Development with

Part 1: You are hired to develop a new Web site called TaraStore. You are responsible for creating the home page for the Web site. Use Visual Studio.NET to create a home page for your Web site. Add at least three graphics, three hyperlinks, a bulleted list, and a table. Use the Properties window to modify the appearance of the

Program - must be done using VB.NET

The administration of you local Community College has asked you to write a VB.NET program that allows students to calculate the sum of their grades and find out if they pass or fail the course. Grades for the courses at the college are based on the sum of three assignments, and each assignment is worth a maximum of 100 points.