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application that either sums or averages

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Create an application that either sums or averages the rows or columns of a two-dimensional array depending on user choices. Use the following data for the array:

5 7 3 9 12
4 8 9 13 4
0 -1 -7 13 8
4 4 4 4 0

Create a menu bar with a File menu that includes a Perform Action command and an Exit command. The Perform Action command computes either the sum or the average of the rows or columns in the array and displays the result in a message box. The Exit command exits the application.

Create a second menu on the menu bar called the Action menu. Add a Sum Rows command, Sum Columns command, Average Rows command, and Average Columns command to the Action menu. Use the RadioCheck and Check properties of each command to allow the user to select a command on the Action menu. The Perform Action command checks to see which command is selected on the Action menu to determine which operation to execute when the user clicks the Perform Action command.
Include appropriate shortcut keys for all commands. After the Perform Action command executes, the program should display the results in a message box. The message box should display results for each row or column separated by a ControlChars.NewLine character. The message box also should ask the user if she or he wants to continue or to exit the application.
The array data should be displayed on your form in a row/column format when the program starts.

The contents of the 2 dimensional array are fixed as given
The user can choose to do one of the four calculations
the sums of columns
the sums of rows
the averages of columns
the averages of rows
The result should be displayed in a message box, with each sum or average starting in a new line, e.g.
Sum Rows
The user should be asked whether he or she wants to exit or continue.

Interface Design
Form for the Array Calculations
Create File menu and Action menu on the menus bar
Array application
File Action
Perform Action
Exit Sum Rows
Sum Columns
Average Rows
Average Columns

The result Message box
Message and results
Title of the message box
YesNo message button
Default button

Declare the matrix as a global integer array
Code MenuItem event handler for Action Menu:
Code the MnuSumRow_Click, MnuSumColumn_Click,
MnuAverageRow_Click, MnuAverageColumn_Click event procedures.
Private Sub MnuSumRow_Click(…..)
MnuSumRow.Checked = True
MnuSumColumn.Checked = False
MnuAverageRow.Checked = False
MnuAverageColumn.Checked = False
End Sub

Code MenuItem event handlers for File Menu:

? Code MnuExit_Click event procedure

? Code MnuPerformAction_Click event procedure:
If MnuSumRow.Checked Then sum the rows
If MnuSumColumn.Checked Then sum the columns
If MnuAverageRow.Checked Then average the rows
If MnuAverageColumn.Checked Then average the columns
In general,
1. Watch your indices: remember that it runs 0 to 3 for the row index, and 0 to 4 for the column index for a 4 by 5 matrix
2. Beside the sum of each row, use the “ControlChar.NewLine” to start a new line in your string result.
3. You should format your output for the Average operations to show at least one decimal place.
Display the output and give the user a choice to exit:

Name all visual basic files arrayapp. Example, arrayapp.vb1 etc..

Place all files in a zip folder and name zip folder arrayapp

Thank you

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