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    VB.NET Math multiplication practice program

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    You have been hired to develop a Windows application to help 3rd graders practice and learn their times tables. The application must be easy to use since it is designed for children. The application has the following requirements.
     The program will randomly present problems for the users to solve. There are two modes. In the first mode the user is presented problems from a single time table. For example, if seven is selected, then problems like 7 X 8 or 7 X 3 will be presented. In the second Random mode, problems from 0 X 0 to 12 X 12.
     If a user answers a problem correctly, then they are presented another problem. If the answer incorrect, the user is given a second chance. If the user answers the question incorrectly for the second time, show the correct answer and present another problem.
     Keep track of the total number of questions and the number of questions answered correctly on the first try. These values will be updated after each attempt. Additionally, the percent score will also be computed.
     There must be a menu with a minimum of two items: Settings and Help. Under Setting, the user will be able to choose between single table or random mode. Under help, there must be an About screen.
     There must be a means of selecting a particular times table from the main form. This is radio button, dropdown list, etc.
    Extra Credit
     Add a timer to limit the amount of time a student has to answer a question for 1 to 5 seconds. You must be able to allow the use to choose whether or not problems are timed
     All the use to select the number of problems to be presented from 10 to 100 in steps of 10.

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    Please find attached the complete VB.NET project (compiled with Strict options turned on). The sample screenshot from the program is also attached (screenshot.jpg). The logic is a follows - the student selects ...

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    This is a program written in VB.NET to allow 3rd graders practice simple math multiplication problems. The program has a nice interactive user interface that allows students select two different modes of practice and run tests under timer. A complete VB.NET project is supplied.