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Whole Number Multiplication

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Select any grade between 2 and 6, and discuss what you feel is an appropriate skill level for whole-number computation at that grade. Should these skills be taught at that grade or earlier?

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A very commonly discussed type of whole-number computation skill is the concept of the multiplication table recall skill. This kind of whole-number computation is an important precursor to skills like division, and more complex multiplication skills. Typically, a student's fluency in whole-number multiplication is critically important in grade four since students usually begin to be exposed to more advanced mathematical skills by the end of the fourth grade and beyond. In particular, mastery of whole-number multiplication is the foundation on which fractional and decimal arithmetic is based. This emphasizes the importance of this skill in the fourth grade since it is needed for further development of a student's knowledge in science and math in later curricula.

The question of whether this skill ...

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This solution discusses when and how should multiplication be taught in the primary curriculum. In addition, what learning strategies can help students prepare for more complex mathematics once they have mastered whole number multiplication.