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    Analysis of Math Computation Skills

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    Given the attached, how would you identify and describe the mathematics errors contained in the document? Please share educational assessments and references.

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    1. In problem number 1, the following errors are noted:
    a. The student added numerals 5 and 9 = 14 and then,
    b. The student placed the number 14 in the difference, and
    c. added numerals 3 + 2 = 5
    2. In problem number 2, the following errors are noted:
    a. The student multiplied 7 X 9 = 63 (this was correct),
    b. The student instead of carrying the 6,
    c. The student placed 63 in the product
    d. Then totally ignored/overlooked the second digit (5) in the multiplicand
    e. The student multiplied the numeral 2, resulting in 18 in the product.
    f. When multiplying the second digit (2), the student multiplied 7 in the multiplicand, and place 14 in the product without carrying the 1
    g. Again ...

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    This solution provides a demonstration of how to analyze a student's math computation skills. The analysis is followed by recommendations for intervention.