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Multiplication Equations, Division Equations, Etc.

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1. Using only whole numbers, write as many multiplications equations as possible with 12 as the product.

2. Chance wrote four division equations with 6 as the quotient. What could have been the four division equations that he wrote?

3. For the next two problems tell what kind of situation is described, then write an equation and solve:
a) Each student gathered 10 leaves for the group art project. The group collected a total of 80 leaves. How many students are in the group?
b) The display had storage boxes in stacked rows. Each row had 7 boxes. If a total of 42 boxes were used, how many rows were in the display?

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1. The following multiplication equations are possible with 12 as the product using only whole ...

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The expert writes multiplication equations as possible with 12 as a product. The four division equations with six as a quotient is given.

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