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    VB.NET Morgtage Calculator Program

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    Write a program in VB.Net (not Web based) with a graphical user interface. Have the user input the amount of the mortgage and then select from a menu of following mortgage loans:

    - 7 years at 5.35%
    - 15 years at 5.5%
    - 30 years at 5.75%

    Use an array for the different loans. Display the mortgage payment amount. Then, list the loan balance and interest paid for each payment over the term of the loan. Allow the user to loop back and enter new data or quit. Insert comments to document the program.

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    Solution Summary

    The VB.NET program for mortgage calculation is included. It contains neat UI appearance and a field on the form to enter Loan amount and a drop down to select the terms of the mortgage. The program calculates monthly payment and lists payment details for each payment over the term of the loan in a grid.