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    Visual Basic (Company Logo Designer Application)

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    (Company Logo Designer Application) Develop a Company Logo application that allows users to design a company logo (Fig. 26.29). The application should provide the userwith RadioButtons to allow the selection of the next shape to draw. TextBoxes should be provided to allow the user to enter the dimensions of the shapes.

    a) Copying the template to your working directory. Copy the directory C: Exampl esTutori al 26Exerci sesCompanyLogo to your C: Si mpl yVB2008 directory.

    b) Opening the application's template file. Double click CompanyLogo. sl n in the CompanyLogo directory to open the application.

    c) Defining the Add Button's Click event handler. Create the Add Button's Cl i ck event handler. Define the event handler so that the shape that users specify is drawn on the Pi ctureBox. Use the CreateGraphi cs method on the Pi ctureBox to retrieve the Graphi cs object used to draw on the Pi ctureBox. Use the Graphi cs methods described in Fig. 26.13. Use method Col or. FromName to create a color corresponding to the selected color in the ComboBox. [Note: The TextBoxes labeled X1 :, Y1 :, X2: and Y2: must contain integers to draw a line. Also, the TextBoxes labeled X:, Y:, Width: and Height: must contain integers to draw any other shape.]

    d) Defining the Clear Button's Click event handler. Create the Clear Button's Cl i ck
    event handler, and define it so that the Pi ctureBox is cleared. [Hint: To clear the
    entire Pi ctureBox, use the Pi ctureBox's Inval i date method. The Inval i date
    method is often used to refresh (update) graphics of a control. By using the Inval i -
    date method without specifying a graphic to draw, the Pi ctureBox clears.] Also
    ensure that all TextBoxes are cleared when the Clear Button is clicked.

    e) Running the application. Select Debug > Start Debugging to run your application.
    Use the Radi oButtons and TextBoxes to display at least one of each type of shape.
    Use different colors for the different shapes. Click the Clear Button to clear the

    f) Closing the application. Close your running application by clicking its close box.

    g) Closing the IDE. Close the Visual Basic IDE by clicking its close box.

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