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Leaders and Managers

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One of business' contemporary principles states that organizations should move away from few top leaders and many managers to leaders at every level and few managers.

What are the reasons for such a recommendation? Have you observed this process in your work environment? If not, what could be the reason?

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In the current business setup, the organizational hierarchy of a company involves many managers and a few top leaders. This has been the old practice in business and is still the model being followed by many companies around the world. The few leaders handle the top positions in the company, and reporting to each are the managers of each department or section in the company. Each manager handle certain groups of people and certain projects and activities, thus handle the administration of the schedules, resources, manpower, and work flow. This setup of organizational hierarchy has been effective, but it has a lot of disadvantages especially now that the market has becoming more and more competitive than before. First disadvantage is that the problem can escalate on the top level when the manager is incompetent. Instead of having to address the concerns of their subordinates on the lower level, managers that are incompetent are ...

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