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Pivot Table Record In Excel

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Create a pivot table, an active surveillance, in Excel to identify adverse events related to flu vaccine. I need to come up with a background information, indicate the goals of the surveillance and data management then decide what information you need to have in order to do the surveillance then create a worksheet using a Pivot table.

Epidemiological data and operational information about outbreaks is dynamic and changes rapidly. I have to develop a comprehensive Event Management System to manage critical information about an outbreak using. This is one method to ensure accurate and timely communications between key public health professionals and the community. I have to use one of the field below
Active Surveillance
Case management
Emergency Response
Safe Drinking Water
Features of the data management system created should include:
1. A background of the investigation (from a health center network or one created by you -this needs to have the known agent, descriptive case, etc.)
2. An Excel workbook of a database chosen or created.
3. Formulas and Charts of the investigation.
4. Pivot Table Reports.

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For the creation of a spreadsheet that is tracking the adverse events related to a flu vaccine you ...

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