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Acceptable Use Policy

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What should be considered in an Acceptable Use Policy? What should be allowed as acceptable behavior when using corporate information resources?

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The organizations should pay attention to numerous considerations while formulating their acceptable use policy. First of all, acceptable use policy should ensure that the users do not violate any laws, regulations or engage in illegal activities. For example, the usage does not invade privacy rights or result in abuse, defamation of any person or organization. Similarly, the usage does not result in violation of intellectual property rights. Similarly, the acceptable use policy should ensure that users do not cause harm, loss, injury or emotional distress via their usage. Further, the usage should not result in fraudulent or misleading activities. The fair usage policy should also ensure that users do not cause threat to the organization's system, content, network via their actions. For example, the users should not tamper with the content or try to bypass into secure ...

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Discusses Acceptable Use Policy and acceptable behavior when using corporate information resources.

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