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privacy and security policies

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Briefly review the sample privacy and security policies from the following three highly recognized healthcare organizations:

Beth Israel 1

Mayo 2

Georgetown 3

Be sure to focus on the similarities and differences among them. Once you have completed your brief assessment, answer the following questions in two-three (full) pages:

What are the obvious themes common among each organization's policies?
Do any of the policies differ significantly between organizations? If so, how?
Identify what key security principles and elements you feel are most important and describe why.
There are many items to cover in this assignment, so do not worry that you have captured every aspect in your paper. However, be sure to identify what you find most interesting and important and elaborate accordingly.

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The common theme among all these organizational policies is the protection of the health information maintained by the facility, access to the network systems containing the information and proper use of the systems by employees and staff members of the organization in accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The policies apply to all health information regardless of the form in which it is created or maintained. Each facility's policy clearly outlines the definitions that pertain to the document and set forth full expectations of access and usability of both the information and the systems themselves.

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Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) Technology Resources Policy:

This policy primarily focuses upon the proper use of the system's resources by clearly defining such things as the expectation of privacy. This is one aspect that sets itself apart from the other policies in that BIDMC retains the right to monitor each user's activities, to include email, without notice to the end user. They state that any information created or stored by the user can be reviewed and/or deleted at the sole discretion of BIDMC and that users should have no expectation of personal privacy.

The Internet use and allowance policies ...

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Briefly review the sample privacy and security policies from the following three highly recognized healthcare organizations:

Beth Israel

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