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Electronic Healthcare Record Value

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Value is the combination of quality and costs. Do you think the EHR's have value? Why or Why not? Provide support to the question.

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The following link, http://www.healthit.gov/providers-professionals/benefits-electronic-health-records-ehrs contains a plethora of information on the benefits of EHRs.

Wang, et al (2003) determined that the net benefit of EHR implementation in a primary care practice over 5 years was $84,500 per provider. "Benefits accrue primarily from savings in drug expenditures, improved utilization of radiology tests, better capture of charges, and decreased billing errors."

It is logical to assume the cost savings of having all data in one electronic format as opposed to a magnitude of paper records floating around a clinic. Lets say a patient needs to see a specialist and all the records from the primary provider must be forwarded. Historically, ...

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This solution provides one source of information on the benefits of EHRs and an overview of the information.

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