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    Health Care Management

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    Benchmarking in Quality Management

    Benchmarking is a component of assessing quality management. Discuss how a fake organization utilizes benchmarks to meet organizational metrics. Using a fake balanced scorecard, assess your organizations goals with the established benchmarks. Do they appear to be aligned? What must occur to allow your organization to

    The DMAIC Process in Health care

    create a DMAIC process for a healthcare project in which is also known as a project charter. Define the project. What makes your project suitable for DMAIC analysis? Measures Include how they were ascertained. Include appropriate and relative metrics Analyze data to determine the root causes and how to improve the outcom


    Develop a strategy map and balanced scorecard for your department or healthcare organization. Use your knowledge of the current state of the organization and impending threats or trends to develop a strategy map for success in this environment. Make sure the strategy map includes at least eight initiatives. If you have acce

    Ethical Dilemmas Models

    What are the ethical theories that support making a treatment decision for a patient even when he or she does not want treatment?

    Technology and Social Change

    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word essay on technology and social change, covering the following: Provide an introduction that defines both technology and social change, and discusses how they are related. Discuss the impact of the personal computer, cellular phones, and the Internet on society. Using the three major sociological

    Financial Terms in Health Care

    - write each term's definition as used in health care management. You must define the term in your own words. - after each term's definition, summarize a health care management scenario that illustrates the importance of the skill, concept, procedure, or tool that the term refers to in 125 to 150 words. In the scenario, you may

    Emergency Management

    With the emerging threat of a bioterrorist attack on communities in the United States there has been much discussion by leaders in emergency management as to whether or not the model taught for preparing for emergencies needs to be changed. Some EM leaders argue that the model does not require any fundamental changes while other

    Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security

    Jesse Ventura on Homeland Security: *"Are we ready for martial law? I think we are, because everybody's sitting back and watching our freedoms being taken away. Guess what? The terrorists are winning because our country has changed in the last decade, and not for the good. We're a country that's now living in fear and so are

    information-sharing mix-up

    1.(Boston Globe, 24APR13): *A federal audit ... warned there was a "high risk" that the government's information-sharing system would not prevent a terror attack, raising questions about whether a communications breakdown allowed the Boston Marathon bomb plot to evolve undetected and its perpetrators to elude quick capture. 2.U

    NRF and Vulnerability

    Vulnerability is becoming a focal problem, especially with the increase use of drones and the real probability of drone hijacking by hackers. In the field of construction, vulnerability is defined as a measure of the susceptibility of an element or combination of elements to fail once they are exposed to potentially damaging

    Homeland Security/ Airports

    1.What is the current status of airport and aviation security in terminals and in flight? Provide example(s) of any latest incident. Did the terminal have to shut down and flights delayed? 2.Where would you think are the weak points of security in airports? Would they be at parking lots, terminals, and tarmacs? Please provide

    National Response Framework

    1.How would the NRF work in conjunction with the National Disaster Recovery Framework (NDRF)? 2.It is said, the NRF "is always in effect, and elements can be implemented at any time." What does that mean? 3.Comment on whether the Incident Commander (IC) has a code of ethics and whether he or she needs one. 4.Would a concrete,

    hypothetical interview of HR manager

    I need help writing a hypothetical interview of HR manager and outline analysis of home health care business. First, write hypothetical Interview analysis of HR professional (like Mr. John Doe, HR manager) about home health care, then provide a written summary of that interview (like details on the HR professional you interv

    Journal article about Human Resource Management in Home Health

    I need help analyzing peer-reviewed journal article about Human Resource Management in Home Health Care businesses. The article can be found from these links below or it can be from anywhere else! http://www.human-resources-health.com/content/4/1/20 http://www.nursingcenter.com/journalarticle?Article_ID=1007703 http://

    Personal Code of Ethics Statement

    Prepare a revised Final Personal Code of Ethics Statement. This ethics statement should clearly identify your revised "ethical bottom line It must be 50% different from your statement from week 2 draft below: Week 2 Draft: Personal Code of Ethics for a career in a healthcare setting is essential to serve as a standard

    Use of control charts in performance improvement

    A key component of performance improvement involves data analysis and identifying positive or negative trends in performance. When managing large amounts of data over time, it is essential that a control chart be used to identify the presence of a statistically significant trend. Research Project: I am required to construct a c

    Healthcare Operational Process Management

    Health care organizations (HCOs) often struggle not only with performance improvement but also with effectively communicating performance improvement results to their internal and external stakeholders. It is equally important to communicate your successes externally for marketing and internally, to your staff, to continue to bu

    Solving Issues

    Once a management official understands the causal factors associated with a problem, it is time to identify and explore possible (feasible) solutions. However, there are managers who have a tendency to singularly focus on a particular solution to a problem and give little or no consideration to other viable alternatives. This is

    Complex Issues Faced by Health Care Managers

    Many complex problems facing today's healthcare managers have a financial, legal, and ethical implications for their organization. Identify a legitimate healthcare problem, and then identify and discuss the financial, legal, and ethical implications associated with the problem. Which implication (i.e., financial, ethical, or leg

    Looking for Root Cause Rather than Symptoms

    Some might argue that distinguishing between problems and their symptoms is a challenging skill for a management official to master. After all, you could look at an organization as a virtual human with bodily systems that need to be properly regulated and cared for in order to maximize health and performance. As humans, we occas

    Health Care Ethics

    Mickey Mantle received a liver transplant in 1995. He was a Baseball Hall of Fame center fielder for the New York Yankees whose liver was failing because of cirrhosis and hepatitis. Although the waiting period for a liver transplant in the United States is about 130 days, it took only two days for the Baylor Medical Center's tra

    Health care for middle and upper class

    We face a very daunting task in reforming our healthcare system. Do you agree with Feldstein's charge that the middle and upper classes are unwilling to make the sacrifices needed to provide care to the poor? If so, why, and if not, why not? If this were Utopia and you were King/Queen, how would you solve this very complex i

    Major functions of ethics committees in healthcare organizations

    The healthcare system and particularly hospitals have always been faced with ethics issues requiring difficult decisions. With the advent of new technology, more issues have come to the forefront and expanded the need to have ethics committees in place. Visit www.ethics.org. Identify the major functions of ethics committees in

    Population Health and Public Health

    Which of the various barriers are likely the most important to overcome in North Carolina ? A weak safety net? Poor provider performance? Cultural or language barriers? Education?

    Schizophrenia, and Brief Psychotic Disorders and Family Response

    Briefly what are if any treatment issues of which the family needs to be aware with these three disorders? 1. Schizoaffective Disorder=(treatment issues to be aware of by the family involving a love one afflicted with this disorder) 2. Schizophrenia=(treatment issues to be aware of by the family involving a love one affl

    Operational Efficiency Processes-LEAN

    Background: The current healthcare environment requires that your organization operationalize itself into a "High Value Care Organization", or a healthcare organization that delivers the highest quality care and service to it's patients while reducing unnecessary costs. The demands of such change require that all employees be

    Three main types of research study design and inherent biases

    Describe and compare the three study designs— exploratory, descriptive, and explanatory. 1. What biases are built into these three research study designs? 2. Explain your answer 3. Provide specific examples to illustrate your points. Enter your answers below. Exploratory <Describe the bias likely in this design.>

    Payment Systems for Future Healthcare Delivery

    1. Will the shared risk methodology work in the future health care delivery model? 2. We are continuing our examination of risk contracting and mitigation. This is an important area in health care as we continue our struggle to control cost in this country, yet increase the quality and outcomes. What role does Shared Risk Co