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Health Care Management

Cohort segmentation

Cohort segmentation is a method used to segment the market for the greatest strategic implications. Please help me find a healthcare related service, product, or organization on one of a multitude of social networking sites. Which cohort segmentation section is the service, product, or organization geared for on the site?

Medicaid and Medicare services

What are the main differences between Medicaid and Medicare services? What main problems or factors have caused continued financial hardships for these programs? What are the different services provided by the Medicare and Medicaid programs? Do you feel there is a need to have two different programs? Why or why not?

Health Care Career: Operations Management

- Describe an Operations Manager career in the health care continuum. - Identify two or three services and products within the selected career. - Identify the workforce roles within the services and products. - Discuss the impact of the roles on the health care organizations. Create a diagram with the career choice as the

Utilization Management

What are the different elements of a medical organizations utilization management plan and how do they contribute to health care quality? What are two weaknesses of the plan and why would they be weakness? What would be ways in which the weaknesses can be overcome?

Management practices in health-related services

What do you consider to be the most important attributes of good management practice? Discuss in relation to examples of good management of health-related services that you have encountered.

Compensation and Reimbursement plans

Please help with the following problem. Include at least one reference as part of the solution. What is the difference between capitation and fee for service (FFS)? Describe the type of market appropriate for each reimbursement method. Support your answer by providing an example of a managed care organization using either of

Why did Clinton's Health Plan fail?

Please synthesize your understanding of why Clinton's Health Plan was unsuccessful. Discuss the features of the Clinton health care reform plan and provide reasons why it failed and describe the influence of the various interest groups and governmental entities during this process. Make sure to discuss both the policy process an

Technology and Health Care Delivery

As a member of ABC Consultants, you have been hired by a large organization to develop an innovative approach using current technology in health care delivery. This can be a product, a service, or an application. Choose an organization in a sector including, but not limited to, pharmaceutical, insurance, manufacturing, so

Management Principles in a Healthcare Organization

Describe with specific examples how at least five management principles, methods, theories, or tools studied can positively impact change in a healthcare organization. How can we utilize this material in the healthcare field?

Benefits of Homecare

The changes in health care delivery environments have resulted in positive clinical and financial outcomes across the continuum of care. Homecare is an example of an environment that is being used more in the industry. What are the services provided by homecare? Are there financial benefits to using homecare services? And,

Pressure Placed On Medical Professionals

Please provide a discussion for the following issue. Experts suggest that pressures placed upon medical professionals, specifically, doctors, are resulting in a decline in interest in this profession. Discuss your position on this argument and propose a remedy to this problem that is logical and reasonable.

Types of conflict in Healthcare

Discuss the four basic types of conflict ( goal, cognitive, effective and procedural). Which type of conflict do you think occurs most often in healthcare? What are some of the pros and cons of conflict?

United States: Healthcare and Insurance

Currently most health insurance operates on a fee-for-service payment schedule. However, with healthcare's ever-evolving structure, perhaps a different model would be more beneficial to promote improved health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs. Knowing this, how would you change and improve the U.S. healthcare system as

Different Styles of Leadership in Healthcare

Use three scholarly research articles on the role of leadership in managing quality initiatives in healthcare. Use articles that demonstrate three different styles of leadership, e.g. servant, transformational, transactional, etc. Briefly summarize the articles and compare/contrast it to transformational leadership.

Public Health: Community Involvement

Examples of how the community can be involved in determining services that can be provided to targeted populations. Specific strategies community and organizational leaders can use to ensure needs are met.

Health Care Spending in Hospital Care

1. Give a brief overview of healthcare spending. 2. What are 3 main point about healthcare spending in the hospital setting with each main point please give an extensive explanation with an example.

Quality Management Methods : Lean & Six Sigma

I need some help in the following: The four approaches to quality assurance are: TQM, CQI, Lean & Six Sigma I need to select 2 and: - Compare and contrast the two approaches that you select- focus on what is "similar" and what is "different" between the two approaches. - Describe what unique contributions to quality e

Reducing Healthcare cost

I'm having a difficult time with this assignment and really need help. My topic is Health Care Cost Reduction. The cost of health care is often astronomical. I want to gather and discuss information on proposed ways to reduce the cost of health care for insured and uninsured individuals. Lastly, I want to discuss ways to provid

Position Paper on Diabetes

I need assistance in a Position Paper. Draw upon evidence-based sources supporting or refuting this statement: Diabetes is the costliest health problem in the world. 1. Include the epidemiologic data, studies and concepts in the position paper. 2. Assessing the economic impact of diabetes mellitus Use the CDC Disease

Literature Review in Health Care Reform

I have to perform a literature review of 10 credible sources on the topic of health care reform. My selected institution is the hospital setting. Can you please help me to get started and provide 10 credible resources? Please helpto understand how it should be presented, the main topics of focus, etc.

Legislator Handout

- Write a 1-page document to hand to a legislator about the pros of an HIV/AIDS policy. Use the sample memo attached. - Use appropriate references if indicated so your legislator may understand why he or she should support the potential policy. They have little time and need a brief, concise overview of what the policy entail

Patient Payment Methods

Case # 2 Write 4-5 pages responding to the following questions: 1. Discuss the difference in Medicare payment methods for outpatient services and physician services. 2. Please discuss the difference between bundled payments and global payments. TD#1. 1. Please identify and describe three payment reform initiatives in t

Shaping the Jordanian Healthcare Systems

Jordan is bordered by Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Israel. According to the Jordanian constitution, Islam is the state religion; however, the constitution also provides for freedom of religion, on condition that religious practices are consistent with "public order and morality." These conditions of relative religious toleranc

Analysis of a Small Healthcare Facility

Small health care facility within 20 miles of where you live. (Is Brunswick Medical Center & ER) This week, post a report that answers the following questions: 1. Discuss the key political, economic, and social forces that may have influenced the development of the facility. 2. Review the mission statement.Is it appropriat

James Reason's Swiss Cheese Theory

From the perspective of a healthcare administrator, how would one promote collaboration among clinical professionals and encourage physician leadership to enhance patient care with quality initiatives that reduce organizational risk and support patient safety using the Swiss Cheese Theory? Please give me examples.

Discussing Public Health Policy

In 2007, San Francisco began its Healthy San Francisco Plan designed to provide healthcare for all San Francisco citizens. The city plans to pay for this $203 million coverage by rerouting the $104 million the city currently spends treating the uninsured in the emergency rooms, mandating business contributions, and requiring inc

Designing an Outcomes Measurement Strategy and Analyzing Quality of Care

Pleases give me examples on how to design an outcomes measurement strategy and/or plan for a healthcare organization to use to assess the quality of care and reduce risk. Also, please give me examples on how a healthcare administrator in human resources would analyze how to evaluate the quality of care being delivered by heal

The Bamako Initiative

During colonial rule in Nigeria, the British provided formal medical care in government health facilities to Europeans and, eventually, to African employees. The Nigerian citizens were able to obtain healthcare from the non-governmental organizations, usually missionaries, who provided free care throughout the country. Upon achi