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Cohort segmentation

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Cohort segmentation is a method used to segment the market for the greatest strategic implications.

Please help me find a healthcare related service, product, or organization on one of a multitude of social networking sites. Which cohort segmentation section is the service, product, or organization geared for on the site? Why would this type of marketing be successful?

Select one other cohort segmentation category. From a management perspective, what recommendations would you make to the marketing department to broaden the marketing efforts to include another cohort segmentation not currently being targeted.

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The Women's Health Screening chart, accessible on Facebook, targets women in various age cohorts. The chart is broken down into age categories for adult women: 18-39; 40-49; 50-64; and 65 and older (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health, 2013). This type of marketing can be successful for many reasons. First, women tend to share all kinds of information through social networking, like jokes, poems, recipes, shopping updates, and any information they believe will benefit the members of their social network. Even though there are fewer women in the 65 and older cohort using social networking sites routinely, their daughters, nieces, sisters, and granddaughters will be able to quickly scan the appropriate box for the age cohort and inquire among female relatives about whether they have had the necessary health screening tests. The chart is easy to use and quickly ...

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Cohort segmentation methods used to segment the market for the greatest strategic implications are determined.

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