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Cohort Studies

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-Need assistance comparing and contrasting the cohort study approach with case-control studies. Determine which you believe is most effective and explain why. Provide specific examples to support your response or cohort studies
-Need assistance Identifying the advantages and disadvantages of developing and utilizing the cohort study methodology over the case-control study. Provide specific examples to support your response.

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This solution contains a comparison of cohort and case control studies.

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Cohort vs Case Control

Cohort studies are a form of longitudinal observational studies in which an individual or group of individuals are followed and evaluated with respect to a disease or outcome to determine with characteristics or risk factors are associated with that disease or outcome.

Case Control studies are studies that compare patients who have a disease or outcome of interest (cases) with patients who do not have the disease or outcome (controls), and looks back retrospectively to compare how frequently the exposure to a risk factor is present in each group to determine the relationship between the risk factor and the disease.

Which is more effective: This ...

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