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Health Care Management

Medicaid and the State of Health Care

Medicaid is a state-operated program funded in part by federal funds and in part by state funds. On the basis of your understanding of the statement, answer the following questions (present your answers in the context of Medicaid payment and reimbursement policies): Why was Medicaid but not Medicare designed to be state op

Mobilephone Cardiac Health Patient Application

Based on the hospital scenario below or one of your choice, please create a technology strategy/plan for patient engagement based on the NeHC/HIMSS Framework. Please address the following: What is the business problem you are addressing? What is the Strategic Initiative you are proposing? What are your short goals and long

Capitol Budget in Healthcare

Explain the capitol budget by addressing the following: 1. What expenses it covers 2. What's the role for the board of directors and hospital administrators in this section of the budget 3. What's the role of the medical staff in this section 4. What's the role of the community in this section of the budget.

Damage And Disaster Planning For Tsunami

Which type of major disaster requires the greatest degree of preparation and training for the government and disaster relief organizations? Why? Would better planning have reduced the impact of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, explain please. Please supply references. 250 words or more.

Subsidy, Financing, Reorganization, and Regulation

Please identify and discuss the characteristics of each of the arenas presented: Subsidy, Financing, Reorganization, Regulation. Provide examples from policy of each. Please provide a reference to aid in the understanding.

Baby Boomers

Discuss the impact of Baby Boomers both individually and via interactions. How could this impact the future?

Massachusetts Health Care

Using the state of Massachusetts operations and financing of its health care delivery system. Which feature from that system, if any, might be used in the United States to improve our system and what features are commonly employed in the United States that might assist in the greater efficient functioning of the system in Mas

Price Controls and Rationing Healthcare

Both price controls and rationing, at least in the short term, are capable of reducing overall health care costs. Nevertheless, neither of these strategies is frequently used. Why is that? Should either of these be used? Provide examples of how they are used, state whether you think these are good or bad ideas, and explain your

Modified Affordable Care Act

Knowing what we know now, describe how you would have modified the original ACA law and discuss why. If you were designing the ACA, what would you change and why? Both parts are just a clarification of the other, all part of the same response on the ACA....

Choosing a Health Plan Discussion Question

Acme Health has three plans it offers to mid-size employers. 1.This basic one costs $4,000 for the employee this year, plus $2,500 for the spouse, and $2,500 for any number of children. It also has a family deductible amount of $2,000 before benefits (80% paid; 20% co-insurance) kick in. 2.The second plan costs $5,000 for th

Health information managers, and ethical code

1. Health information managers / professionals have a variety of different roles that they are responsible for with regard to record keeping. Which role do you feel is the most important and why? Which one do you think will be the most challenging for you to implement and why? What steps could you take to address this challenge?

Patient Views of HIPAA

Do you feel that HIPAA really protects the patient? How do you think patients feel about HIPAA? Do you think that they believe it is an inconvenience or a worthwhile law?

Creating an ACO

Select your role as the CEO of a Hospital Physician group Health plan Now write a double-spaced memo to your Board of Directors outlining how your organization should create an ACO. Identify challenges and opportunities inherent in creating this structure.

How to improve EHR reception from health care organizations

Despite the offer of incentives for participation by the government, many health care organizations are still reluctant to make the switch from paper to electronic health records. What other incentives do you think can be offered that would be effective in convincing participation?

Data Dictionary Example for Patient Demographic Information

Create a file of five records that contain name, address, and telephone numbers. Begin by defining the fields in data dictionary format, and then show how you would represent these fields if you were trying to explain them to someone else.

Successfully navigating dissertation committee challenges

Description of two possible challenges that you may encounter when working with a dissertation committee. Then describe two strategies for overcoming each challenge. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation. Please use these references 1. Creswell, J. W. (2009). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and

ScriptPad: Ways to Improve App

Please see this 1 minute video about an application to manage medical prescriptions: Could you mention 6 ways this application could be enhanced and how each way could be implemented?

The Future of Health Information Technology in Primary Care

Summarize a key future application of Health Information Technology. Highlight the value of this technology and why it is critical to healthcare practice. Need a minimum of two peer reviewed journal articles in the field that address the use and/or issues surrounding the topic.

Electronic Health Records: Potential Issues Resulting in Inefficiency

Outpatient electronic medical systems have enormous potential to improve quality and efficiency. Unfortunately, they can also reduce quality and efficiency if not properly designed and implemented. Please discuss six significant ways an electronic medical record system (EHR) could reduce quality and efficiency and how systems sh

Electronic Medical Record System

Outpatient electronic medical record systems (EMR) have tremendous potential to improve quality and efficiency. Unfortunately, if improperly designed and implemented, EMR systems can have an opposite effect quality and efficiency. Please discuss some of the ways that EMR systems can backfire if improperly implemented. What ar

The Benefits of Pooling Electronic Health Records

Four local practices have created a shared database of their electronic health record data and want to start developing reports to help them improve the care of their patients. Pick a disease state you are either familiar with or want to research and post a couple of brief paragraphs in the discussion section describing what inf

Leadership during Pandemics

Consider your leadership role involving the CDC and government officials. There is a Hepatitis - A virus infection pandemic. Establish an immediate response to the pandemic. Based on the leadership role you selected for the assignment, include the following: • A summary of the leadership challenges this leader would fac

The components of an interdisciplinary team PowerPoint Presentation

Multidisciplinary teams are very prevalent in healthcare settings. What kind of leadership is necessary to lead a multidisciplinary team? Do self-directed, high-performing teams even need a leader? Use information from research to support your opinions. You should use a real-life situation or team to base your PowerPoint.

Home Health Care

Research Medicare's Home Care Benefits and prepare a PowerPoint presentation to present a group of senior citizens.